How do I create the perfect baby gift?

We're here to make buying the perfect baby gift easy. A gift is a beautiful way to say congratulations to new parents and it should be a joyful and fun experience. 

Have you ever jumped onto a website looking for a baby gift and felt that instant feeling of overwhelm? "Where do I start?" "What do they want?" "What do they need?" "Is there anything made from organic cotton?"

So where do we start when someone comes into the shop? We ask questions. "Is it their first baby?" is a good place to begin. From there we talk about the family and what they like and what they might need. And importantly, it's about what you are drawn to - what you want to give and what you love.

We offer ideas and you choose what you love most. Sometimes it's based on our suggestions, and sometimes it goes in an entirely different direction. When the gift is finally chosen and ready to wrap, I'm often blown away by the selection. People put things together in ways I would never thought of. 

How can we do that online? Just as we do in store, we're here to offer suggestions and help you create the best gift for your friends and family. You can create your own gifts with the same ease as you would if you were in the shop.  And just as we do in the shop, we can beautifully wrap your gifts. You can add a card and then your gift is complete. We can even handwrite your message in the card and send directly to the family you're buying it for.

Get in touch with me via the Contact Page and I'll call you straight back (during shop hours).

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Julie x

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